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We practice almost exclusively in the creditors’ rights area of Commercial and Consumer Collections. Our staff of collectors, paralegals and attorneys are well trained in assisting clients with receivable problems in a professional and effective manner, following the principles set by our founder, Ernest V. Thomas. In addition to maintaining quality personnel, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the best possible service.

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Collection Services

Thomas & Thomas Attorneys practices law in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan.  After receiving an account for collection an acknowledgement of the account is sent to the client, showing not only receipt of the account, but also verifying the information given. Each account is assigned a file number for internal control and is set up in an individual file to ensure personal handling. It greatly enhances our efforts if complete information on the account is given at its placement, such as, phone number, contracts, promissory note, credit application, notes on previous experience, etc.  On consumer accounts, a federally mandated disclosure is provided to the debtor in writing.

If payment in full cannot be arranged, a program is negotiated for payments on the account, subject to client’s approval.  If this arrangement is not possible, we further investigate the consumer’s circumstances, and report to the client, along with our recommendations for the further handling of the claim.

Confirming letters of arrangement for payment are sent to the consumer, as well as a report to the client informing them of our progress.  The account is then filed in an automated follow-up system by date, which ensures that should the arrangements not be kept, the account is returned to be immediately called again.

If it appears feasible, we will provide our suit recommendations for our client’s approval.

The exact handling of each account is quite dependent upon the situation of the consumer; at all times the client is kept fully informed as to progress and has ultimate control over the handling of the account.

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